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The play consists of two actions

The play consists of two actions, though the action continues and rotates around. Dr. Prentice, a psychiatrist, tries to convince his secretary, Geraldine Barclay, to open up the doctor to investigate. Dean Barclay in Job Interview As part of the interview, he persuaded her to strip. The situation intensified during an interview with Dr. Prentice and Geraldine Barclay. When Prentice came in, his wife tried to cover up his activities by hiding the girl behind the curtain. His wife, however, was tempted and blackmailed by Nicholas Beckett, so she contracted Nicholas as a secretary, which adds further confusion, including Nicholas, Geraldine, and the police. As a member of the opposite sex.

The Prentice clinic also faces government scrutiny led by Dr. Dr. Rance talks about how he will use the situation to develop a new book: "The final chapter of my book is knit together: seduction, seduction, seduction. Outrageous Woman and Strange Love

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